Hello Currl user!

We are hitting your inbox to let you know that Currl is now pivoting to a new private bookmarking tool. We are removing the social feature of Currl out of the equation.


We have seen this trend in Currl that most users are using it as their go-to bookmarking tool and the social aspect of Currl is not used as much as we intended. We want to build more of what our users want.

Are my bookmarks safe?

We want to assure you that all your bookmarks are safe within Currl. Currl will continue to operate till November 2024. You have plenty of time before making the switch to our new bookmarking website.

What's new?

We want to build a simple, fast, and reliable bookmarking tool. With that mission, we are building a new bookmarking website called webtag.io. Webtag.io will have all the goodness of Currl (except the social feature).

Below are the features of Webtag

How can I move from Currl to Webtag?

You can move all your bookmarks from Currl to Webtag easily in just 3 steps:

  1. Export all your bookmarks from Currl to a bookmarks file. (Click here)
  2. Create a new account at webtag.io
  3. Go-to your account page in Webtag and import the bookmarks file you downloaded in step 1.

This will bring all your bookmarks with their tags to Webtag. Feel free to contact me if you run into any issues while migrating to Webtag, I am happy to help.

Never lose your favourite sites again.

Currl.io Webtag.io