Currl is a free text-based social bookmarking website. You can collect the links you love from around the web, you can also store them privately or share them publicly with your followers.

We have a recent & popular feed that helps you discover interesting stuff from around the web.

There are no limits to how many links you can bookmark, keep them coming. You can also attach a private note with all your bookmark even the public ones. Your private notes & title of the bookmark are full-text searchable. You can search your library of links or others' public links.

We do not show you ads or sponsored content. We do not collect or sell your data to third parties. We are 100% free to use for everyone. We also like to stay independent, so no VCs. If you like this site and use it regularly, consider supporting us here.

How to save a bookmark?

The most straight forward way to save a bookmark is to click on the "+" icon after logging in. You can also use our bookmarklet to save a bookmark with just a click.

In desktop browsers, just drag and drop the below button to your bookmarks bar.

Currl bookmark

In unsupported browsers, bookmark this page first and then edit the bookmark to add the below code as it's URL

javascript:(window.open(`https://currl.io/bookmark?url=${encodeURIComponent(location.href)}&text=${window.getSelection().toString()}`, '_blank', 'left=100,top=100,width=680,height=440'))()

What will happen to my bookmarks if this site is shutdown?

Lot of people are hesitant to start using a new service for bookmarks, as they worried what will happen to all their bookmarks when it shuts down. First of all, we have no intention to abandon this service as we are heavy users of this website. Still not convinced? You can download all your bookmarks any time here, and import it to any browser of your choice.

Who made this site?

This site is built & maintained by Vasanth, and he is the only person working on this right now.

For any support, you can contact the maker via email or DM me on Twitter.


This service is provided under an "AS IS" condition without warranties of any kind. The user assumes all responsibility and risk for the use of this website and its properties. The maker of this service can't be held liable in any way for any reason.